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Do you ever get used to being different??



I am full time at work and completely out. I am still very much in between the genders. I get misgendered all the time. I know that will be my test for when I blend. I am wondering if you get used to just being different??

 I get rude comments all the time. I am developing thicker skin. But some days it’s hard. My hair and chest keep growing every day. I am still in my second puberty with many changes going on all at once.

Does anyone get to the point where they don’t care anymore? Just accept we are different and keep doing what we need to do for our survival?

Hugs Rebecca


--- Quote from: Rebecca28 on September 05, 2021, 08:05:02 am ---Does anyone get to the point where they don’t care anymore?
--- End quote ---

Hugs Rebecca 'ave many funny work stories and jokes can share think the most important
thing was to just to keep Good Humor 'bout all? 

lol I became known far and wide as "ponytail" ;D  ;) something which my company had only recently allowed "us girls" to wear. Our uniform was "unisex" so learned to distinguish any way one could?

Nadine Spirit:
For the most part, out in society nobody looks at me anymore than any other woman.  However at my job I will forever be known as the transgender teacher.  I will never totally escape that and my only option appears to be to just own it.  I am what I am and I'm becoming more and more happy with that so yeah I guess it does get easier.

Maid Marion:
Yes, I  used to run into issues with my assigned gender at birth as I often fell into the "uncanny valley" between male and female.  The issues went away as I moved to female presentation. 

I haven't changed my legal name so there is still some momentary confusion but  it hasn't caused any hassles.

I find I get more respect these days presenting female than I did presenting as a guy.
Social interactions go way more smoothly now.



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