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Its been a long wait


But today I go for my first clearing , have EMLA cream and ibuprofen . Think its laser first and dark hair is mostly around mouth .

Being prepared for hair removal regardless of which method you use, is the most important thing to do if your procedures are going to be successful.

When I first started electrolysis, I expected each zap to hurt and I was not disappointed. My first year was spent going from one numbing cream to another. I finally settled on 4% Lidocaine which is available without prescription here in the US. Emla is considered first class numbing cream and adding ibuprofen will just make your hair removal much more tolerable.

I wish you the best outcome and the courage to keep going until you have all those pesky hairs gone for good.

Davina, "enjoy" your sessions I actually do look forward to mine. I also use the 4% lidocaine and ibuprofen.

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.

Well the only bit that made me wince was the top lip but she had turned it down, 50min journey to get there and all done in 20mins then 50 mins back home.


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