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Global Gay Games in Hong Kong


I recently accepted the honor of being one of the official AmbassadorĀ“s to the Global Gay Games in Hong Kong to be held from November 11th to November 19 th, 2022. It should be called the LGBTQ Games as it is all inclusive.

The Global Gay Games have ben held in Paris, New York and London etc., in the past and this is the first time in Asia. It is held every 4 year like the Olympics and includes opening and closing ceremonies.The Gay Games provides a global event where LGBTQs can freely express themselves free of prejudices. Its not about winning but participation without government politics. We expect over 120,000 visitors and competitors and should be great fun for all. I just plead that we leave politics out of the event, its about winner the hearts of the people. please let me know if you are interested in participating or being a supporter or volunteer.

Warlock why did they choose Hong Kong when the current Beijing political climate is not good?

--- Quote from: ---Taiwan, the only place in Asia to have legalized same-sex marriage, has pulled out of the Gay Games over fears that authorities could deem its athletes to be violating the security law if they wave the Taiwanese flag in Hong Kong.
--- End quote ---

There is no objection to flying the Taipei China flag, this is what they use at the Olympics. We ask that all competitors obey the laws of the host nation. The Chinese regard Taiwan as part of China and any flag asserting Taiwan independence is sedition. We remind all participants, very strongly,  not to use these games as a political platform.

Cities globally bid for the Gay games, Hong Kong was selected by the global committe.


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