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Haley Conner:
Lately I have seen a couple of shows that depict trans people in a fairly accurate light.  The most recent one I watched was Girl.  Dark, but appropriately so I guess.  Then there was a series called First Day, which was IMO a less accurate depiction than Girl, but still pretty good.  Of course this was not even something that was talked about during my own youth, so maybe less so for my generation.  Movies and shows of my generation that dabbled in trans topics were terrible for the most part, and I don't think anyone really related to them at all.  Based always on happenstance, or non-trans related agenda.  Someone will probably bring up The Danish Girl, which IMO was on the lesser side but notable.  One theme I notice that fails the accuracy test is that 90% of what's out there is about people who fall well within in the passing catagory.  The characters are usually quite good looking, have a nice high voice, etc.  Which of course is not always how it works in real life.  Hopefully entertainment media will get better at representing trans people, and I expect they will.  Anyone else have an opinion?

I recently saw Girl, the indy Belgian movie about a trans teen girl.  Wasn't a fan.  I DO think they captured a lot of the stress and anxiety that comes with the dysphoria, but I think there was too much of a laser focus on her body and not on the mental aspect.  The self harm scene at the end seemed gratuitous and unnecessary, though I understand things like that do and have happened. 

I watched it expecting an uplifting, feel good affirmation of trans people, and was left feeling pretty down after.  Just didn't sit right.


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