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Wanting an Orchiectomy. Transitioning and Chronic Pain, I have Questions

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Lady Sarah:
Being as your current urologist is at a Catholic practice, gender issues will likely get you removed as a patient. If they refuse to remove the testis due to reasons not associated with gender issues (such as the pain), then seek consultation with another urologist.

Just because the facility is Catholic doesn't mean the doctor will not treat gender dysphoria.  The endo I see works at a Catholic medical center and he treats trans patients.  I kind of think not being able to tell someone why you want the procedure done means you might not be ready.  Plus, once they are gone you will have to start some type of hormone replacement therapy, if you don't come out as trans they will assume you want T and they might assume you want implants to simulate having testis. 

There are some doctors who will perform an orchi using an informed consent model; it might be worth talking to some trans people in your area to see if one is near you.

Tamara Tilly:

--- Quote from: Brooke Renee on September 12, 2021, 05:53:52 pm ---Anyone have a vasectomy that caused chronic testicular pain?  I want an Orchie for my own transition but I am very motivated for another reason.  My right "lad" is in nearly constant pain, Dr thinks it is from the vasectomy years back.  I had a spermatocord de-nervation but that didn't help.  Seriously, I want at least the one out and removal of both would be ideal. 

Here's the dilemma, my urologist knows I need the surgery but he doesn't know I am trans and that I will want them both gone.  Will I need a letter from my therapist to remove them both?  That could take a few months and I am in some serious pain. 

Any thoughts or similar experiences? 

Thank you!

--- End quote ---

Hi Brooke, be careful about just removing the one testicle. Pretty certain I'm correct that the body then over-compensates and can produce MORE testosterone than if you have two testicles. If you do some searches in medical journals you'll see the risk of this.

My orchidectomy still left (and leaves) me with occasional flashes of residual groin pain which I presume is from the tied-off tubes but only when I've overdone exercise.

very best with your choice.


--- Quote from: Rakel on September 13, 2021, 05:57:33 am ---You will never know for sure until you discuss this with your present Urologist.

I would just ask for both testicles to be removed and if you are asked why, then tell them of your gender issues.

Finding a different urologist can take months, so you might consider talking to your therapist and ask for a letter in a timely manner, like real soon and send it electronically.

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That seems a very clever Procedere and the next step is to ask, you have nothing to lose.
After you brought the question up, you will see as clear as light your next moveā€¦


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