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Hi all,

I was watching Mirror Mirror 2 nights ago and it had an FFS surgery in Australia, Sydney.

I was wondering if anyone has had a consultation or any helpful information on Surgeons? or places in the USA Money is no issue for me so I'm looking for the best of the best. I know there are many surgeons in the USA that do it and I'm open to all.

just need help finding the best one.

I would love to do it in Australia to save money and have less travel. but I'm also interested in the USA.

thank you so much for all your help.

Some would say that the best is Facial Team in Spain.  Have you thought about them?

Allie Jayne:
                I have had a friend get consults from the Facial Team, and Melbourne surgeon Dr Alan Briedel, and she chose Dr Briedel. Both quoted on forehead bone removal, reshaping and replacement. She is very happy with the results, and said with some rebates, it worked out cheaper than going O/S. I have had a consult with Dr Briedel, and if I can find some money he will be doing my FFS! Look up Melbourne Plastic Surgery, and arrange a consult!



Dear Asheylov,

There are many really good surgeons all over the world. Here in the US, we have Dr Speigel in Boston, Dr Mardirossian in Florida (my FFS surgeon), Dr Zukowski in Chicago and many others, especially in California. Thialand also has a number of surgeons who are well known.

Many of the ususal FFS surgeries are really just standard facial cosmetic procedures. A rhinoplasty is one such procedure that many surgeons can do a fantastic job on your nose.

The procedures that are FFS specific are brow ridge reduction, orbital widening, cheek implants, jaw reconstruction and trache shaving. Even though you may have all these procedures done, your results are not guaranteed. All surgeons post their best work on their websites and all surgeon will have a few patients with complications or suboptimal results. The surgeons others and I have mentioned do have a greater number of satisified patients.

You must have realistic expectations. After FFS, you will still look similar to your previous self, but maybe a little younger and a bit more feminine.

Keep looking and I am sure you will find a surgeon that you trust and one that can do the individual procedures you want done. I would give extra consideration to a local surgeon because you may need revisions and touch ups a few years later. It is best to have the same surgeon do any revisions, especially if you are happy with the initial results.

I'll add Deschamps-Braly (San Francisco) to the list, as he was my surgeon, I was happy with the results, and he's definitely among the most well-known FFS surgeons in the US.

Keep in mind that if you have surgery in the US, you will need to be in the country for at least a couple of weeks for recovery.

I found visiting the surgeon in person invaluable in evaluating my options because when they see you in person, they can really understand what procedures they'd recommend.. Facial Team has historically held a day of consultations in Australia every year or two. For the US surgeons, you'll have to come up to the US. In particular, I think Deschamps-Braly requires an in-person pre-surgical consultation. Other surgeons may not require this.



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