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UK post surgery Travel insurance issues

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Hi All,

I am due to go on Holiday tomorrow and for over a week our travel insurance company has been dragging its feet with my health declaration

It says have you had any surgery in last 12 months which i have, but Vaginoplasty was not listed in the the surgeries

I telephoned them and they asked what was it my doctor diagnosed i had that required for surgery

in the end I explained to them that I had my penis removed and vagina installed (just for the fun of it obviously)

We fly in about 18 hours and they keep saying they are checking with the under writer

anyone else had issues with post surgery travel insurance?



Battle Goddess:
Not that kind.

I had these issues and in the end just went without travel medical insurance. :o  Not everything in life can always be insured!


I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday even if this matter was not satisfactorily resolved beforehand.

On your return, perhaps you could let us know to what extent if at all, it was resolved as many Brits including myself will wish to take holiday abroad or on cruise. Thanking you.


Pamela xx

Hi ya,

Basically I'm insured except for new vagina issues!!!

It is being soaked in salt water everyday at the moment!!!



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