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A common misconception I think people make.


Hi everyone. I think there is a common misconception people tend to make about those who have transitioned from one gender to the other. I think the misconception is that life stops there. It's happened to me before where I try talking to someone about my problems and It's almost like they didn't even consider them real life problems. I am someone who transitioned from one gender to the other. I live full-time but that definitely doesn't mean I don't struggle just like everyone else.
This is mostly just me venting my own experience, but I was wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience/experiences?

The flip side of that is trans broken arm syndrome. That all the problems one has, physical, mental/emotional are cause by being trans. It's like you can't win as it were.

Lady Sarah:
You can't erase ignorance in those that want to remain ignorant. But, you can open the eyes of those that can be enlightened.

When I got a sand spur prick under the nail bed of a fingernail, it got badly infected enough that I had to go to the ER. They had to scrape away the skin from the top of my finger to remove the pus. They set up an appointment for me at the local clinic, instead of having me drive an hour to my regular doctor, whom hasn't been seeing patients in person since the beginning of the pandemic.

I filled them in on my history. After several appointments in regards to the infected finger, they saw how I was taking care of it.  They saw that I am a physically and mentally healthy person. They decided to accept me as a new patient, whereas they denied me 5 years ago, having never met me, just based on paperwork.

Sometimes, the right moment to enlighten someone is hard to come by, but strike the iron while it is hot.


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