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Hi all,

So I had my SRS in May last year and am very happy with how it all worked out. However, there are a few things I wonder about:

First of all, my doctor (Kanhai from The Netherlands) told me after a little less than a year, that I could dilate less regularly, like once every few days. However, when I started doing that, I very quickly lost considerable depth and in a few days went from 18 cm to 14 cm. It took me weeks of daily dilating much longer before I had regained my original depth. After that, I just continued my daily routine. So yes, I do have a boyfriend too, but he is a bit smaller than my dilator/ pelotte.

Another thing that worries me, is that I still have (a little) blood loss at times after dilating. My doctor says it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s been 1.5 years post surgery now.

So my questions are: will there be a point in time where I can dilate less regularly and maintain my depth and what could cause the bleeding now everything healed?



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Dear Naomi,

We are all individuals and we all have individual results. I cannot say exactly why you are spotting blood or why you are losing a small amount of depth without dilating regularly.

Speaking for myself, I was spotting well into the 6 to 12 month period after my GCS. We all heal at different rates, so I would not be too concerned at this point.

As for dilating, I was daily dilating well into my third year post GCS. Only recently have I been able to skip a day of dilating and I am over 5 years post op.

I had some occasional spotting for about two years after my GCS. I also continue to dilate every day, although I occasionally skip a day or two if I'm travelling or not feeling well. You could consider skipping one day a week initially. If that seems to be working out after several months, then try skipping two non-consecutive days. If you notice any loss of depth, then 'add' the day back. Dilating isn't exactly fun for most of us, but it's an acceptable inconvenience which allows us to live as the person we were meant to be.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Hi, I had GCS 11/2016 and I dilate every day unless I am with my girlfriend(s) or I go to a sex party. Then due to the penetrative sex I do not dilate and I go easy the next day when dilating.

If I use a large diameter toy or a long toy and use a lot of force then yet there is some red color. I in general never have blood from dilating.


--- Quote from: Rachel on September 16, 2021, 06:11:46 pm ---then yet there is some red color. I in general never have blood from dilating.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I have the same, some red color. But that is blood, right?


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