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I've never found a possible way for doing so.
My thing was small to begin with and now is a third of the size so there no way to move it about.
I've found wearing certain types of underwear with a smaller one, can make it look almost invisible to me.
Even to the point I've started recently to not wear calf length tops under my clothes.

Back in the day I cut the band of off a poor quality pair of leggings, as well as the top part off of a tube sock. I’d the slip the band through the tube of sock to create a cradle for my bits. When I pulled it up, said bits were able to be tucked into place snugly. Only problems were when the band began to roll, and the strings from the sock getting wound up in the band.

I stole the idea from somewhere, but it worked.

It depends on what it wants to do, but most of the time, it is hiding out on its own, thanks to the HRT.  Same for its little pillow pals. Still, it is unnerving when they do the opposite.  My panties do well to keep them hid, but I have yet to try it with anything revealing.  Have not ventured into using a gaffe.  Are they annoying to wear for any appreciable time?

Has anybody on the forum ever used the Tuck Kit by Unclockable? At $3+ a piece (one-time use, since it is a tape) its a bit pricey and certainly not a solution for day to day use, but at least on paper it sounds promising... Just wondering if anybody has any experience with it.

"Tucking tape" on Etsy costs upwards of £15 for 5M and appears to be labelled as "kinesiology tape".

"Kinesiology tape" on ebay starts from £6.75 for 5M.

Is there a difference?

I would like to tuck away the "pillow pals" while still being able to use the loo without having to untuck and re-tuck everything.


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