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Zero Depth Orgasm?

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Hello, I have decided to go with zero depth vaginoplasty since it would not require painful electrolysis and it would avoid having to have skin grafts since I lost tissue since orchiectomy. I was wondering if besides lacking depth and the ability to be penetrated are there any other differences? Particularly orgasm abilities.. Also, I've seen some people mentioning a 'dimple opening' that can be fingered? I was wondering if this was a normal occurence in zero depth or if they requested it. I havent seen any photo results of this type of srs and was wondering if it looks different than standard surgery? Thanks everyone...

Tamara Tilly:
Good luck with this Ashx1. Really hope that this pathway works perfectly for you.

Most of this won't answer your questions but I'm of similar mind. I too had an orchidectomy but I do have prosthetic testicles which in theory were to keep the scrotum expanded: I don't really think they do a lot as they don't move around so it's solid tissue now.

I'm similar to you and I'd add to that a couple of more things in my case. The absolute faff of dilation two or three times every day until you die is not something I'm particularly interested in. I believe it can be painful but also just incredibly tedious and time consuming.

The other is that by the time I have this I shall be nearly 60. I'm really not sure I am in the market for a penis inside my vagina: I'm still attracted to women so a lesbian. And if I really really wanted penetrative sex I'd get myself cleaned and spruced and have it elsewhere which would stimulate the prostate ...  ;)

This bit may slightly answer your question. If I masturbate I simulate a female type clitoris experience: pressing the penis into my abdomen and rubbing with one or two fingers in a circular motion. When playing with a nipple with the other hand that produces for me superb orgasms. So I'm reckoning from this that if the surgeon does a half-decent job of using that same glans tissue to construct the clitoris then ... bingo.


Tamara Tilly:
p.s. so a quicker, cheaper, less painful pre, mid and post-op experience.

What's not to love about that?  :D



--- Quote from: Tamara Tilly on September 18, 2021, 01:26:00 am ---p.s. so a quicker, cheaper, less painful pre, mid and post-op experience.

What's not to love about that?  :D


--- End quote ---

Hi Tamara!   I wonder were you are getting this information?  First, there is a zero depth vaginoplasty and a minimal depth vaginoplasty.  I had a MDV in December 2018 and personally know a few girls that had this too.  I have a depth of about 2 cm.  First, it is a five hour operation, maybe one hour less than a full depth penile inversion.  There is some skin grafting involved, to form the vaginal introitus. Recovery is long as in any SRS, up to one year for a full recovery.  My recovery was difficult, I later required a revision.   Every one is different, doing a zero or minimal depth is not a guarantee of a quick, easy recovery.

On the positive side, yes there is no need for dilation.  Also the possibility of the major complication of a fistula is largely eliminated.  Also there is no need for hair removal, but there are SRS surgeons that don't even require hair removal for full depth.

Like most post ops you can have an orgasm with clitoral stimulation.

I have no intention of discouraging anyone, it is my joy to be post op, I love my body.  I only want to help you girls to be realistic about the difficulties ahead.  :)

Allie Jayne:
Hi Ashx1!
                I am 67 years old and had MDV just over 9 months ago. I had the option of having a 2 cm deep "Dimple" and decided to take it. I am mostly healed and happy with the result, though my clit is still a little too sensitive to get to orgasm, it is settling, and I believe I should be able to achieve pleasure in the near future. My specialist nurse was very helpful, telling me that the 'dimple' would accommodate a small vibrating 'egg', which does work, but again, my 'dimple' sensitivity is a bit high to be really pleasurable.

I am asexual, so don't really have any sex drive, and my nurses told me that most trans women who have GRS over 55, eventually abandon dilations and let their neo vagina close up because they find they don't feel the maintenance is worth the reward. This greatly influenced my decision to go MDV, and I am still happy I chose this procedure. As sex isn't a real driver for me, I doubt I would go with the 'dimple' if I had the time over, as it does require some cleaning (but nothing like dilations incur!).

A few of my friends have had full depth and MDV procedures in the past year, and those of us who had MDV had a much quicker and more comfortable recovery. MDV was definitely the right procedure for me, but everyone is different!

Good luck for your procedure!




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