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Try before with a woman and you lose the desire to want to be one.

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This is how my mother told me when I told her that I wanted to change sex according to her and I have heard other cases that say to trans girls "trying sex will take away the desire to change sex" for me that is offensive also one thing is Sexual preference and gender identity also having sex with someone who has the body that you want instead of improving can accentuate it more.

Maid Marion:
It wasn't the case with me.  I now have a very feminine presentation.



Many people like us feel the same as you.

Sexual preference and gender identity are two different things. We understand this, but many people do not. Especially when a family member says something that doesn't apply to us, we need to explain ourselves.

I look at a situation like this as an opportunity to educate those people who do not understand people like us. I know that I did not understand myself for many years.  :D

When I finally truely understood what I am, the rest became easy.  ;D

The desire to transition usually isn't about sex or sexual orientation. I have been married 37 years and fathered two daughters. I was never interested in men. It wasn't until Dec 2016 that I realized my growing anger and rage were because I had been forced to hide my soul for decades. Sex had nothing to do with my decision to transition, and my wife and I actually just got remarried a few months ago.

We all have our own, unique reasons for wanting to transition. Whether or not we move forward, and how far we may want to go is also unique to each of us. Don't let others tell you who you are. Be yourself, the world will adjust.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

No, they do not know what they are talking about.

I am female. That is my gender.

I have sex with males and females. Many more males than females but still the same.

I have never had a desire to be male, look male or have a male name before during or after sex with males or females.

Sex and gender are two different things.

The comment comes from those that are cis gender. They have no reference to trans gender.



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