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panty liners

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I generally do not use liners or pads, except if I douche. Unfortunately, I sometimes can’t totally push all the douche solution out, so I wear pads for about 12 hours just to make sure any leaks are captured. Otherwise, I’m good; no full time pad needed since about 4 months post-op.


Thank you Rachel and sarahc for to share your experience.

A other good moment for using panty liners direct is after the Dilatation.

pretty pauline:
I suffered some incontinence after my srs many years ago but has now cleared up but still get small leakage, when I had my guy equipment I could hold it forever, now I can't hold on too long, anyway I use panty liners daily and maxi pad on a long journey, it's not a big issue, I'm used to it now over the years, panty liners and pads part of womanhood, when I go on vacation I pack my supplies in my ''girly bag'' as hubby calls it.

Yes, wore panty liners daily for a long time after SRS, first thick ones, as I healed moved to thinner ones.

Now that I am all healed up, I don't need to wear them daily. I do still wear them, after sexual intercourse to catch any liquids that may leak out, since my husband and I don't use a condom (for obvious reasons)


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