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   I am a male to female transgender person.  There was a point when my medicine was working and I was happy.  As soon as I was happy the doctor lowered my medicine and turned me back into someone with higher testosterone and more male looking.  The clinical labs were also making false claims that I had low to no testosterone.  My muscles got huge and I lost all my feminine look in my face and body.  One of my doctors was really gunning for me to remove my testicles and have an orchiectomy.  She said that being on the testosterone blockers and heavy estrogen was not good for me in the long term so I think that's why they were making up the results to lower my medicine.  I was happy and now I'm back to square one and I have extreme dysphoria and I'm depressed again beyond words.

     Is it true that I have to get an orchiectomy?  I was born with perfect beautiful functioning male genitals that everyone who got to see them enjoyed and I plan to keep them.  I was hoping I can stay on the trans-medicine and be feminine but now I'm back to looking male.  I don't know what to do?  Do I really have to let a doctor cut off my testicles and have an orchiectomy?

     My estrogen levels have been lower than when I started 3 years ago: my estrogen is at 35 and my testosterone was usually around 15 or a little bit under but now it's over 500.

     I need help answering this please.  I got a new doctor that I like but the lab technicians at her clinic are playing games (I'm a member of elite social clubs and churches that don't want me to be <not allowed>, it could be them on the inside meddling with things). 

     They were saying something about how I can't take vitamin B12 complex vitamins or biotin on their website when I do the laboratory blood tests but none of them informed me before they drew my blood.  Nobody told me that at the clinic; I found it out on my own on the lab website when I was trying to figure out what was happening to the results and it could be that's what was giving the false lab results and causing all my troubles because I was informed to take the B vitamin complex and biotin after I had my facial feminization surgery (The B vitamin complex was suggested because I'm a vegetarian).  They got me looking perfectly female and then they destroyed it by messing up my hormones.  I spent so much money out of pocket close to or more than $30,000. 

     Someone please help me to figure this all out.  I kind of want to keep my penis and testicles just the way they are and look feminine.  Do I really have to have an orchiectomy to have feminine hormones?

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--- Quote from: Starry on September 20, 2021, 10:31:48 pm --- ...I kind of want to keep my penis and testicles just the way they are and look feminine.  Do I really have to have an orchiectomy to have feminine hormones?

--- End quote ---

The short answer is, No, you do not need to have and orchiectomy to have female hormones. The real question is, Are you doing what you need to do to get you where you want or need to be?

When a male takes female hormones, there will be some effects. One of these effects is that their own production of Testosterone will decrease after that person has been taking Estradiol for some time, about 6 months to a year. This will affect their appearance and libido, primarilary. How much and how far this happens is very individual and nobody can predict exactly what will happen.

There are many of us who do not identify with the traditional male or female roles. Sometimes we use the term Non-Binary or even Gender Fluid. Some people have found that low dose hormones is a good fit for them.

I did also read that you are have issues with your current doctors and lab personel. Whenever a person has lost confidance with their medical provider, it is always a good idea to seek a second professional opinion from somewhere else.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Starry:
Hopefully you are finding the answers you are looking for as you visit the various threads and sub-forums.
If you still have questions and/or comments regarding the Orchiectomy procedures please feel free to continue to post them here.



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