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September 22, 2021 - Members - Birthdays


Northern Star Girl:
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Dear Members
All of us here on the Forums are wishing YOU
....a very :icon_flower: :icon_flower: Happy Birthday :icon_flower: :icon_flower:
I hope that your special day includes time with family and friends...
... with  Candles and CAKE.

***NOTE: On your September 22nd birthday be certain to check your profile for a special birthday surprise! :)

HUGS, Warm regards and best wishes on your special day and birthday.

Happy birthday to you all!


Thank you for the birthday wish.  It’s been a hum-drum sort of day and your post is a little bright spot on an otherwise bland sort of day.   Xoxo

Bobbie LeAnn:
Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Today started off not too well with my son being in the hospital and me being all alone on my birthday.
Instead of letting it get me down I decided to go to town and go out for a meal.
I put on a nice summer dress some hose and a nice pair of shoes. The dress was low cut black with red flowers on it.
I was walking through Walmart when a gentleman stopped me saying "I'm not trying to flirt but I have to say you are beautiful the way you are dressed." He continues with "It is rare to see a woman so well dressed these days."
I kind of blushed and thanked him and he walked away.
I have to say that lifted my spirits and I was walking with a renewed spring in my step after that.

Again thanks for the birthday wishes.

Bobbie LeAnn


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