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Rachel Montgomery:
I’ll sure give it a shot (if schedules work out we will).

I have a niece that lives in Dallas and another talking about moving there after college.  I have a plane, and it would only take me a few hours to fly there to see them (and you).

Courtney G:

--- Quote from: TXSara on January 27, 2022, 08:17:31 pm ---I said, "Uh, no... you know I'm smuggling raisins over here, right?  That won't go over too well in the shower."

--- End quote ---


(fellow smuggler here)

I have no idea what my future looks like, but topless in front of men is pretty unlikely.

I'm glad things are moving along for you.

OK, I wanted to share something that I think is pretty cool.

I checked my email this morning, and there was a response to my original "coming out" email from someone pretty high up in the company (three levels up from me) expressing really heartfelt support.  I don't even know this person because he resides in the Boston area.

This told me a couple things -- (1) my email is making the rounds LOL, and (2) this person deserves a lot of credit for reaching out to someone he doesn't even know.  Very cool.  Hat's off to you, supportive engineering directorate guy!



That is cool. Happy to hear that you have support from higher ups in your company. I was lucky to have that support as well. Also, from management out of the Boston aera.


Rachel Montgomery:
Eh, he’s probably not so nice.  He probably just saw your performance reviews and wanted to be sure to retain such a valued employee.  I mean, he was probably thinking:

“Transgender?  Whatever.  She’s awesome!  I better send a response.”


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