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How did you start your journey?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here so please forgive me If I'm asking the wrong questions.

I'm at a stage in my life where I feel like I'm ready to begin my journey, I've experienced what I think is dysphoria for most of my life, from reading about it, i certainly seem to tick most of the boxes!

I've not had any professional counselling or even a diagnosis yet. I have however just made an appointment for a counselling session with GenderGP (I'm in the UK) and have joined a local trans group. I've also researched appointments at the GIC ( 3 year wait!) and looked at the private route and have an assessment appointment with a gender psychologist in August 2022.

So i'm taking the first steps.

I currently identify as Genderfluid but am only out to my wife and kids and some very close friends. I present as Jessica at home about 80% of the time and only at every specific social events, although I'll be spending a weekend full time with some friends in Brighton soon. I'm planning on easing out of the closet as genderfluid in the coming months.

I'm curious though how you've started your journeys?
Have you always known and have jumped right in or have you sought professional confirmation?


Welcome to Susan's Place Jessica!

For decades I thought I was just a crossdresser with growing anger issues. On Dec 28, 2016 I finally made the connection. Hiding my soul for decades was the cause of my anger, and within minutes of that epiphany I decided to transition. I started HRT a few months later, and eventually began seeing a therapist. I never felt as though I needed 'professional confirmation', but I knew I would need a therapist to get the required letters for GCS. The therapist may have been beneficial to wife wife though. Initially I expected it would end our marriage, but eventually my wife realized I was becoming a better version of the person she married all those years ago. A few days after our 37th Anniversary we said 'I Do' once again, this time as two brides.

It sounds like you are taking all the right steps, and that you are already receiving great support from your family. I wish you all the best on your journey.

Love always - Jessica Rose

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Jessica:
Thank you for sharing your story of your starting of your transitiion Journey....
and thank you for posting your introduction in the Introductions Forum...
... I replied there with my Official Welcome Message that includes important information
rules about the Susan's Place Forums... please take the time to carefully read it.

What you described is not an unusual course of events... many of our members
here can definitely identify with what you stated.

Do know that we ALL have a unique story and a unique set of circumstances
that we have to deal with.   Here on the Forums you can find a lot of support
as you share your comments, concerns, questions and continue posting your
thoughts around the various threads and topic areas of the Forums.

If interested, you can read more about my transition story by following the LINKS at the
bottom of this comment reply.
My initial story that I posted here is in my first Bog thread that I shared soon
after I joined Susan's Place:
---->  I am the HUNTED PREY: Danielle’s Chronicles

Best wishes to you as you continue on in your journey.
.... and again, I am extending a warm Welcome to Susan's Place and the Forums
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Started HRT:   March 2015
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Brooke Renee:
Like so many including yourself, I felt different since I was very little.  But I compartmentalized for many years which eventually led to some significant dysphoria and anxiety. 

A few months ago I decided enough is enough.  My wife has been supportive, I think she has known my feminine desires were much more than a hobby for a long time. 

As for professional confirmation.  I have a therapist that I have worked with but she has never proclaimed a diagnosis but she has also offered to write any letters needed to support a medical transition so I guess that is my answer. 

I think my biggest confirmation has been how I am beginning to feel on HRT.  My gender care doctor has placed me on a low dosage of E and T blockers and the impact on the dysphoria is really starting to happen.  I am becoming so much more at peace.  I don't know how far I will transition because of family and career but the little things I am doing now are having a very positive impact. 

All the best,


Hello Jessica and welcome to this wonderful website.

I am also from UK and like you, I always knew I was trans and told my grandmother aged 4 in 1959 that I wished to be a girl. I crossdressed and bodyshaved all my adult life. Just like you, the dam burst and in 2017 I had no option but to seek help and hence registered with GenderGP for therapy followed by HRT which started February 2018. Unfortunately irrespective of Covid-19, Transgender care is not adequately funded under NHS and therefore I decided to follow the private route for Psychiatrists Referral Letters and Surgery and indeed had GRS MDV at Nuffield Brighton in June aged 66.

I believe you had made the right decision to register with GenderGP who have expanded considerably in recent times and to seriously consider the private route for matters subsequent to HRT.

I wish you every happiness and success on your transition journey.


Pamela xx


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