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UCLA research study on pleasurable/painful receptive anal sex


The UCLA department of urology is seeking volunteers to participate in a research study about anal sex. Participation is a one-time focus group via zoom (~1.5 hrs), no physical exams or tests, and will help to create a questionnaire to help doctors and researchers understand sexual function and satisfaction. You will receive a $25 dollar amazon gift card for your time. Here is our website (

We have already completed 7 focus groups with cis gay men and now are looking for the trans perspective/voice! Eligibility requirements:
- 18 and older
- Trans women/ nonbinary
- Have received receptive anal sex within the past year (can be penile insertion or toys!)
- Have access to zoom

If interested, please text/call 424-325-8651 or email All inquires will go to Dr. Thomas Gaither (@gaither_thomas on Twitter).

Hope to hear from you!!

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