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Breast Plate For Large Frames?


I’m tired of forms falling out my nighties and such, bending over and they plop out. Sometimes adhesive just isn’t a good idea and the remover for those adhesives, I can’t stand the smell of. Not always easy to clean off my forms withers.

So I want a plate. I want something that looks as natural as possible for a reasonable price. But… I am a somewhat large gal, I wear a 2X-3x shirt. So do they make a full plate that looks fairly realistic and will fit us larger gals?

I hate to buy one, cause they’re expensive and then tear/rip it cause it’s just too small. Anybody here have one? Pros/cons?

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Try Aliexpress, but follow customer reviews

For your size you'll want to browse around for a seller with thorough size specs. Aliexpress and eBay have many sellers selling forms and plates being produced in and sold from China and the prices for those are very competitive. I've no not tried a breastplate yet, but I understand quality varies a fair deal. If you want good service and, probably, the best quality, you'd check a dealer like The Beast Form Store, though their prices are some of the highest I've seen for plates.

I have purchased and worn some of the lower cost Chinese forms sold on eBay and found them entirely satisfactory. If you look around on YouTube you'll find a few video reviews of breastplates and similar products. From watching them I wouldn't consider the fuller coverage items with legs or arms covered. Those tend to wrinkle and look quite phony. In fact the high necks of some breastplates can look very unnatural as well. I think a first time user would do best to just buy one of the minimal coverage plates that are similar in coverage to a bra.

Ok, thanks. I’ll look around and see what I can find.

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