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Oh, my nipples!

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I purchased a Mederna hospital grade breast pump with piston on Ebay inexpensively.

I have pierced nipples so I use the wider flange.

Pumping feels good and it definitely increased my areola and nipple size. I do not do it in the frequency required to make much liquid and I do not use supplements.

valerie anne:

--- Quote from: SheShe on October 31, 2021, 12:56:33 am ---Your obviously going down a aggressive path with pumping,,,  curious as I'm,,, what result have you noticed?

--- End quote ---

valerie anne:
My first objective was achieve enough boob growth so that wearing a bra was essential for support, modesty & shape.

I have pumped myself out to a full C cup, but I am "front heavy". I have got a C cup shape for volume and cleavage, but F cup nipples! I need the largest trumpet size for my electric breast pumps to avoid chafing.

I am also too pert for my liking: I would like to sag a bit more, with more soft tissue behind my areolas.

When going out, I generally wear nipple shields in my bra to protect my nipples.

I am dry on the electric pumps, but the Haakaas do draw some fluids.


How long have you been pumping?  My breast growth on HRT has seemed to plateau at an A Cup, giving that "man boob" look still.  That weirds me out.  Filling out more is my main goal, but I too wish to eventually lactate. 

valerie anne:
I have been breast pumping for a couple of years.

I have been more successful in enlarging my nipples than the fatty tissue at the rear of my breasts.

This may be because I need to settle in for an all-breast pumping session, whereas I can be suckled on the move with the right bra support and my nipple pumps.

Regular nipple suction can be extremely sore, but it does seems to work eventually. With heavy, extended and sensitive nipples, it means that a bra is essential, and I generally wear nursing nipple shields for comfort and modesty under a summer top.


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