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I found this book on the internet and I purchased a copy of it.  It helps to answer the questions on fitting in if you're Christian and you use the Bible and are a trans person.  It also helps other people to understand where we fit in as well.

I'm really excited to start reading it and I wanted to share it with you guys in this forum.

The author is Cheryl B Evans and the title of the book is, What Does God Think? Transgender People and the Bible


I think God has a sense of humor.  ;D

For myself, I struggled with my religious understanding and the apparent conflicts with my gender dysphoria. I finally came to the realization that God is more concerned about my spiritual self.

I know God exists because I've experienced divine intervention, once. That being said, I am realizing that God wouldn't want me to be a depressed, overweight, mass of anxiety causing heart palpitations, raising my blood pressure, and losing sleep. I declare the Christ and He will declare me. Moving forward, I have learned to accept myself, all of me, and lean on the understanding that God will sanctify me.  Whether I end up a boy or girl doesn't matter at this point.

Help! I feel persecuted!

Lady Sarah:
Prayers for guidance resulted in the path I'm on, which includes my transition. Religious extremists may disagree, but that's on them. Let them argue with God.


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