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Hiding Breast Growth at Work

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in ages.  2021 has been a roller coaster ride filled with uncertainty.  One significant positive is starting HRT about a month ago.  I'm doing estradiol valerate subq injections.  No blockers.  Monotherapy.  Planning for the inevitable growth of my breasts is the reason for this post.

My breasts haven't started growing yet, but I can feel changes.  Notably my nipples are more sensitive and become erect easily.  Tenderness is also becoming apparent.  I think in a few months my breasts will start to become more noticeable.  That's likely to be an issue at my work. 

My workplace is fairly conservative - especially with the team I manage.  Lots of toxic masculinity.  I'm pretty sure I'll lose their respect once I come out, or if they figure it out on their own.  Once that happens my job will become very difficult.  So I want to fly under the radar as long as possible.  I'd love to do that until I retire in about 2 years, but it's not realistic.  If things get truly ugly, I can retire early.  That's a distinct possibility.  I have no intention of changing jobs this close to retirement.

So I need to find a way to safely hide growing boobs at work.  It's a typical California office environment - loose interpretation of dress casual.  I also use the company gym regularly - where I think it'll be harder to hide them.

I want to find out from the community what you've done to hide breast growth.  I've been told binders are bad for growing breasts, so I won't be doing that.  I've listed a few ideas below that might work.  If I missed something please list it in the comments.  I'd also love to hear about products you would recommend.  Thanks in advance!

1. Sports bra under a loose fitting shirt

2. Camisole under a loose fitting shirt

3. Loose t-shirt under a loose fitting shirt

4. Tank top under a loose fitting shirt

5. An unbuttoned sweater or light coat over a loose fitting shirt

6. Silicone breast petals to cover up my nipples early on

7. Something else (post in comments)

Maid Marion:
Just say it is a well known side effect from one of the medications you take.  Nothing to worry about.   :D


Lots of men develop gynecomastia past middle age, some before, pass it off as that, problem solved surely?

Gynecomastia is also a documented side effect of Finasteride (used for BPH prostate problems).


I wore a tight fitting t-shirt under my dress shirts. No issues at first.

Later on, I wore a sweater when the weather turned colder.

Nobody really noticed for about a year or so. Breasts do not grow that fast.  :(


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