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Lost my daughters to transitioning😥

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--- Quote from: Rebecca28 on September 27, 2021, 10:34:40 pm ---Ladies,

Along my transition I expected to lose some friends.. which I did.. but now my daughters want nothing to do with me.. they were very accepting at first and now are gone. I believe my x is behind this. I am very sad by their loss. It’s surreal. I hope some day they return.. I don’t know if that will ever happen.  Fortunately I have a good support group around me. I am determined to live my best life and not become another statistic. It feels like they suddenly died!! It’s unbelievable. I have a good therapist fortunately. Life keeps moving on as each day I get more and more comfortable in my skin. Wanted to share my sadness. I am far from the only one I know. They are 18 & 19. As they mature maybe things will change. I don’t know. Hugs, Rebecca

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How did you break the news initially? Have you suggested some joint counselling? My younger daughter had lots of problems / challenges but we are in a pretty good place now. Talking is absolutely the key if possible.
Wishing you lots of luck and success xx

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It's unfortunate that allowing ourselves to become who we were meant to be also means losing some of the people in our lives. When I decided to move forward I realized it could come at the cost of my friends and everyone I loved. When you expect to lose everyone, each person who stays feels like a major victory. In the end, I only lost one sister-in-law and her family, along with a few acquaintances -- true friends will always stay by your side. More importantly, my wife and daughters also stayed with me. For one daughter it was as if nothing but my name and pronouns changed. My oldest daughter had been drifting away for a few years, but now our relationship is better than ever -- she sees me as a completely different person. My wife struggled with it for a long time, but finally realized I had become a better version of the person she fell in love with all those years ago.

It's hard to predict how people in our lives will react. Time sometimes allows wounds to heal. Expect the worst, and celebrate each small victory. It's not your fault that you want to be happy. If anything, those who leave you are at fault for not supporting your quest for happiness and truth.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Hi, my daughter at first was very unaccepting. She was almost 18 at the time. We have gone on two trips since then and hike in the park when it is cool out. We also eat out occasionally and text often.

She never told her friends and is entitled to have a life however she wants it to be. In this case she keeps me in the closet from her perspective.

I have a girlfriend and I have not disclosed that to my daughter. Not that I am hiding the relationship but I am entitled to my life too.



--- Quote from: Rachel on September 28, 2021, 06:14:55 pm --- , , very unaccepting. She was almost 18 at the time . . have not disclosed that to my daughter.

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Well then, it's OFFICIAL . . .

Definitely The Age!
. . . and hopefully, the "teen thing" will be short-lived? Want me to remain "non-transitioned"? How to tell daughter am very drawn toward her boyfriends "niece" who, being 6' foot TALL as me is, according to FB "status", yet "engaged" to another girl?

(ps: lol highly doubt FtM, I'd find her "body dysphoria" to be rather delightful!)


Thank you for your responses. It’s so surreal. I will get through this
And live my best life despite my grief and loss. Hugs, Rebecca


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