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Alaskan Scenery and Hiking Adventures


Northern Star Girl:
Before the unusually cold and winter-like September arrived this month...  I was able to get some hiking trips done this last summer mostly in July and August.

Mama Moose with her 2 babies


Protection is wise when out in the wild.
"Fireweed" is one of the first things to grow after a logging activity or a fire.




Wow!  What awesome photos.  If there is one place that I would really like to see someday, it is Alaska.  Thank you for sharing your life with us city folk. :)

You must have spent a great time there, I wished I was there too.

Brooke Renee:
Beautiful pictures! 

It's been a few years since my last trip to Alaska, I always enjoyed my time up there.  Our mountains down here in WA are glowing with fall color now as well, they are just spectacular. 

Also, happy to see you are protecting yourself.  I rarely find it necessary to carry in WA but AK is a whole different ballgame.  I remember taking a friend for a short hike in the Chugach State Park, we got a mile or so into the park I made the statement that "any further into the backcountry and I would be carrying".  Not ten minutes later we saw our first grizzly, a mom with a cub.  Ten minutes after that we saw the second grizzly, a large male.  Obviously all worked out but I would have felt safer to have something other than my keen sense of abstract reasoning and opposable thumbs to help me out. 

All the best,


That's awesome Danielle!....I love AK.

My wife has a ton of family up there so we've been a couple times.  The scenery is surreal.  We drove one day from Anchorage to Glennallen and then late that night on the ride home we saw 6 or 7 enormous moose (meese?  mooses?).  We made a day trip up to Denali, but it was too cloudy to really get a good look at the mountain. 

My wife's uncle and family live nearly off the land.  They run like 30 cords of firewood every winter, pack freezers with meat from their fall hunts and have a fish wheel down in the Copper River to catch all the salmon they can eat.  Not sure it would be the lifestyle for me, but pretty cool to see that level of self sufficiency. 

Hope to get back up there next summer but we'll see.  Those are some stunning photos of all the wildflowers.

What were you carrying?  44mag?  Bear country would be scary with anything much smaller than that lol!


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