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could corset reduce belly fat?

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I forget where I heard but some said corset was useless, some said it was useful. Is it useful or not? Do I need very tight one to be effective? Or just a bit tight is fine? How long do I have to put it on a day? Will I eat more if my belly is restricted so it renders useless at the end of the day? Thanks for any advice.

If a corset worked for weight loss, it would be the number one selling garment in the world.

Same opinion here. Not effective, however, if you are already on a calorie restricted diet, a tight corset might just remind you that snacking is not allowed.

Compression will not cause fat loss -- you'll need a calorie deficit for that. With a combination of exercise and proper diet, you should be able to see the results you want. It will take work but very doable if you are committed.

Be careful with corsets as well. While I have no experience with them, I do have plenty of experience with chest binders, which can cause damage with improper use. I'd imagine that coresets aren't much different.

Search the internet, there are some belts increasing to sweat your belly while exercising, it helps little bit. Main cornerstones are diet and exercising both together


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