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could corset reduce belly fat?

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--- Quote from: Michael. on September 30, 2021, 02:00:14 pm ---Compression will not cause fat loss -- you'll need a calorie deficit for that. With a combination of exercise and proper diet, you should be able to see the results you want. It will take work but very doable if you are committed.

Be careful with corsets as well. While I have no experience with them, I do have plenty of experience with chest binders, which can cause damage with improper use. I'd imagine that coresets aren't much different.

--- End quote ---

Cause damage?? What are the worst possible damages it can cause?

However, if I feel tight but also feel right and do not experience any symptom or enduring painfully, is it just less likely to cause damge?

Corsets can give you a more of an hourglass figure for sure.
They can be uncomfortable to some and for sure should not be too tight.

If they reduce fat, not simply move it around, that is news to me.

Some are very pretty garments.


I recently read about a study that showed that regular use of a weighted hula hoop resulted in general reduction of the waistline, though not a substantial reduction of overall weight. I ordered one from Amazon and just received it the other day. The thing is really hard to keep going, but I think with practice I'll be up to speed with it. I'll let you know how it goes.


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