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First Beach Holiday


Hi All,

Just had my first beach holiday post surgery and first for very long time generally

Never really enjoyed swimming or sitting in the sun and this was in no way related to being in the wrong body i just didn't see the point but now it was fantastic strutting around in a bikini or swim costume with a cocktail in my hand even the sand on my feet after leaving sea didn't bother me

I was a little body conscious to start with but when you take into account the women the same age as you really don't look that good and don't give 2 hoots about it and understand you are not going to look like the 20 something models you just get on with it

I found out going to the bathroom is a lot easier in a bikini than a swimming costume

but overall I felt right and am looking forward to doing again


We are sharing the same experience in the same sea! This summer I have been numerous times on the Mediterranean beach. One of the joys of being post-op!

I am another beach lover here.

Today I skipped the beach and went scuba diving off the Florida Keys.

I hear the beach calling me again.  ;D


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