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Has anyone here changed their name in NJ using the electronic JEDS interface?

I (believe) I've successfully filled out the paperwork but the JEDS interface is confusing and I'm not sure how to submit the paperwork electronically. Anyone who is familiar with the system and can help, please let me know.

Thank you!

I found the answer to my own question. For anyone from New Jersey who might face a similar question in the future, here is the answer as of October 2021.

The answer is certainly not intuitive and doesn't seem to make sense, but here it is.

COURT    DOCKET TYPE                   VENUE                        FILING CATEGORY
CIVIL -> Suing for over $15,000 -> (your home county) -> Case Initiation -> Complaint for Name Change

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Becky:
Thank you for posting your followup on this issue.
Your post will be helpful to many of our members.

HUGS and wishing you well on your continued journey.


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