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Is it normal to leave colored water

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I've got some lady's underwear bought on the web that isn't expensive, they are probably kind of nylon but they are black in color, after soaking and washing it for a few times it still colored the water a little bit, is it normal for black underwear clothes to leave color or is it because it's of poor made?

All clothing made recently should be color fast. Without knowing the who made your underwear or what it is made of, nobody could say what is going on.

That is a good question.  :)

Maybe the underwear is not unfading, maybe the laundry detergent is suboptimal, maybe the water was too hot...
Perhaps the label inside the underwear can give a hint, please have look there and see what it says.

Yes, it looks like you bought something that's not colorfast. Don't put it in the machine with other clothes. You'll have to hand wash it in cool water, at least until it stops loosing color. Sometimes after a few washes it will stabilize and sometimes not. With small items I'll sometimes place it in a glass jar with a lid, add some hand wash detergent and water, then shake it to agitate. Then I let it set awhile and rinse.

I always wash all new clothing by hand in the bathroom sink the first time. Some bleeds, some doesn't. I can't predict which ones will. If it bleeds I usually rinse and wash again. Normally 2 or 3 times is all it takes. If it leaves a small amount of color I regard it as ok and throw it in with everything else from then on.

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