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Electrolysis in Denmark


I had laser hair removal 5 years ago, before moving to Denmark. It was effective, but I've had regrowth in the last year or so and would like to get electrolysis to remove that hair for good. But I'm really struggling to find places in Denmark (I don't speak Danish). I Google for 'electrolysis' and various results come up. But when I call them, they say that they really only offer laser.

Is there a specific word for 'electrolysis' in Danish? Does anyone know how I can find a place that offers it in Aarhus or Randers?


Hi Butterfly,

I can't help with the language, but here's a reference to a couple of places there that offer electrolysis. I know they're not very close to you, but they might be a starting point to find what you need - a phone call might work...


 Address   Kongensgade 55, Odense, Denmark
 Phone   +45 66 13 30 00

 BodyGuide Velværehus
 Address   Møllergade 66, Svendborg, Denmark
 Phone   +45 62 21 09 90

Good luck!

Thanks for your response! Unfortunately neither of those two are able to help me.

I'm hoping to get a response from a Danish trans person who has received electrolysis, and can maybe suggest places or help me to understand what electrolysis is called in Denmark. I have called many places that seem to offer it, only to find out that they really only offer laser.


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