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July's gender affirming surgery


Hello all;

              I received my surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico this past July. Upon my arrival back home, a close cis girlfriend that is a RN assisted with my healing all the way up to late August. I have on the most part healed pretty nicely; the vaginal swelling has subsided, there is no more of the feeling like I'm touching myself down there through some sort of thick work glove, but is a persistent problem all the way up until this posting in the first week of October. At the entrance of the vaginal opening, the left vaginal lip it feels like, there is a constant raw tender area. Often time there is a small amount of bleeding. I make it a point to pat myself dry after urinating, but still on occasions there is at the very least spotting, sometimes it is even a little more substantial. When my boyfriend inspects me down there, he says that one little pencil eraser sized spot is very reddened and angry looking. Is there  something I need to be concerned about in abnormal healing. Also is there anything I can do to enhance the speed of healing, as well as the healing itself?

Good evening tnjen99,

At 3 months post op, you are still in the healing process. Many of us, including myself, report spotting for many more months. I wore a pad for about 6 months and a panty liner for sometime after that.

We all heal at different rates, so just continue with the dilation and wear a pad until you feel that you don't need it any more.

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I would call your surgeon about the one spot…you may need an antibiotic treatment or you may have some granulation.  If you can Zoom with the surgeon or send pictures that might help diagnose the problem. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, but getting it treated will likely bring significant relief to the irritation / rawness feeling.


Than  you Sarah. Sadly, my surgeon is in Guadalajara, Mexico and I'm in Pittsburgh, Pa. I know though that with zoom a lot of telemedicine is possible. I've contacted my PCP, which is a Physician's Assistant about the problem. I recently had a return to work physical due to me being on LOA. I mentioned some vaginal drainage I've been having, which according to some cis girlfriends drainage goes with the territory. By the reaction of my PCP, she didn't seem too concerned with it either. I am a veteran, so I contacted my PCP through a private messaging system regarding this issue. She is on a learning curve about as much as I am regarding my new health concerns. Since we have a renowned women's medical system in Pittsburgh, so maybe she has a means of reaching out to them. Thank you for your feedback.


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