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I been on HRT (mtf) for 9 months now in that time my progress has been slow. But my life is very busy I work from early morning till mid afternoon after work I go home to my family and take care of my toddler so my significant other can decompress from 8 to ten hours of being a stay at home mom. By the time I get any self care time it is ten minutes before bed. My partner one night comes to me and asks why don’t I ever try the makeup or breast forms she bought me when I first started or get dressed up. I try to tell her I don’t see the point when I am moments from bed and then she asks well what about on your one day off well I can’t as I have chores to do outside yard maintenance and stuff my work allows my to dress in warehouse sprout clothes jeans work shoes or boots are there main standards. Okay rant over any thoughts our advice would be wonderful to see.

If you're fretting over the lack of time .. do it anyways.  Early morning, before bed, 5 mins - 10 mins doesn't matter. What matters is you feeling some positive from it.

get home, change into 'feel goods' then take over home duties

Maid Marion:
I agree.  Spending a few minutes on "me" time will help. 

I put on a  black racerback bra this morning before I made breakfast knowing I'd take it off when I got dressed for work.


The struggle is real.  I commute about an hour each morning, closer to 2 hours in the afternoon thanks to L.A. traffic, after working an 8 to 10 hour day.  12+ hours door to door, and the commute is not "down time" it's "white knuckle" try not to get hit by a phone zombie on the freeway time. 

I get home and my kids run to me (or throw a toy at me) the instant I walk in the house.  My wife, who is worn out from them, clearly needs a break, and I end up having to play with them....then it's dinner, bath time, maybe a shower for me, and then I have like 10 mins before bed.  The daily grind is absolutely exhausting. 

Any self care I do it usually in the shower, or lotioning up after the shower so I can smell pretty before passing out.

I've also been wearing lip gloss in the car during the commute, and I keep some L'Occitane hand cream in the car.  At least I can have cute lips and soft floral smelling hands for that time in the car. 

I was still working when I started hormones. My children were on their own, so that was not a problem. Yes it is difficult to find time for your self, but I felt so good from just being on HRT that I did not mind.

The demands of work and the needs of children are time consuming, but we all need some time for ourself.


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