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Anyone in US use Medicare?

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If this post is in wrong area I understand if it is moved.
For my future medical appointments I am now on Medicare here in the US. Does anyone have experience with Medicare in receiving gender care i.e. hrt, bloodwork, grs etc? How did the doctor code it? I will be seeing a second year resident for my appointment and am not sure if she will know how to handle this.

If your doctor is new, then there should be office staff who know how to submit claims to Medicare. Whatever you do, make sure it is pre approved.

Be careful of Medicare Advantage plans, they are notorious for delay, defer and denial.

I’ve been using Medicare for HRT for a year now.  No issues with payment but it can be hard finding providers in some areas.

Lady Sarah:
I've been using Medicare for decades, and never had issues. I currently have an advantage plan, and still have no issues. As for getting GRS covered, forget about it.

Thanks everyone!
I ended up changing my appointment. I was able to get in with UW Madison Health. They have a wonderful looking comprehensive service for transgender patients from counseling to laser hair removal to hrt to surgery. It's a 4 hour drive but I think will be well worth it. I checked my new doctor and UW Madison and they both accept medicare!
Thanks again


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