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Questioning my gender

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I am questioning my gender identity at the moment and finding all my thoughts on the subject very very confusing. Been having these thoughts for a long time now, I have dressed but not fully. When I do dress in a skirt or a dress it feels very natural and right, I don't feel at odds with being dressed at all. I never feel my assigned gender at birth, I feel I don't have a gender half the time

I am not sure what to think I just finding these thoughts very confusing because I can't find any answer as to whether I am transgender or not

Julie H:
Only you can say if you're trans or not but it sure sounds like you fit somewhere under the trans umbrella you just need to figure out where. I still struggle with that.

Maid Marion:
It may help to discuss this with someone.  Typically this is done with a therapist.
Some people learn about themselves through writing.

I think about things like that while doing activities like gardening.


Battle Goddess:
Yes, things like this can feel confusing, and that's fine. Questioning one's very identity is unsettling. But there's no harm in wondering, and there's no shame in finding out.

It isn't fair for me to speak for anyone else, but I found the process plenty confusing. Took me a while to figure myself out. I was fortunate to have a good therapist by my side.

There are a lot of questions you may not know how to answer yet. I'll bet there are tons more you don't yet know to ask. Transition has been... very strange, but ultimately great.

Good luck

Good evening felixalex,

I noticed that this is your first post here on Susan's Place and  I want to extend to you our Big Welcome to Susan's Place.

We are a website for support and discussion of all types of gender related issues. We have many members here who are underage and we try to keep Susan's Place Family Friendly and suitable for our younger members. We have rules on what we can talk about and these rules are listed in the Terms of Service. I will post links below to the Terms of Service and other important information.

Also, if you have a minute or two, please consider stopping by our Intoductions forum and tell us a little about yourself.


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And now back to your question.

Just about everyone here has had unusual feelings about themselves that they could not describe. I know I did. What ever your situation is, we can talk about it.

Keep in mind that there is no substitute for counseling with a professionally trained therapist. They can listen to your concerns and offer choices on how to deal with your issues.


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