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Have you ever been to a high school reunion post-transition?

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Hi everyone. Lately I have been Facebook stalking a page for my classes 10 year reunion. The 5 year reunion was canceled due to lack of interest and it's looking like the 10 year reunion will be the same story.
I didn't consider myself to be popular in school and I imagine I would be less popular as a result of my transition. I have some Facebook friends who I went to school with that accept my transition on the other hand. I guess you could say I'm still trying to "get over" school. I wasn't really who I wanted to be then, but now I have been able to change that.
I suppose I am just asking the question. Have you ever attended a high school reunion post-transition?

I haven't and I wouldn't. It would provoke a lot of clucking and I wouldn't trust anyone who approached me, as they'd likely be anecdote collecting.

Lady Grey:
Sounds like your basic nightmare scenario.

big kim:
Plenty, I'm going to mine again tomorrow.


--- Quote from: big kim on October 09, 2021, 03:58:04 pm ---Plenty, I'm going to mine again tomorrow.

--- End quote ---

They went well for you I take it?


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