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What's does a new girl NEED to have?

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Hey everyone!
SO I'm starting to collect makeup and stuff, and Honestly im so lost lol. there is so many products and I don't Know if some of it is just bull**** and a waste of money. so my question is, what is essential for achieving a feminine look? or at least giving off that vibe , especially for someone not yet on hormones, I know I could look deep online but I want to here from people in this community. whats your routine like?

I wear very little make up, but the few things that I like to use are a good skin moisturizer (I am 72 years old) and on occasion, maybe a little lipstick. Other than that, I am just fine with my appearance.


--- Quote from: Rakel on October 13, 2021, 06:18:55 am ---I like to use are a good skin moisturizer (I am 72 years old) and on occasion . .
--- End quote ---

           Jordynfae I recently found this, very inexpensive & think it's GREAT with best deals found on ebay. They also make a cleanser that one can shave with called "micellar facial gel wash". I top moisturizer off with a splash of HYALURONIC ACID (an 100% Pure Anti Aging Hydrating Serum) and, for hair, I love WEN, by Chaz Dean, "Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing" with NO extra "conditioner" required!

Will follow thread, interested in makeup too!

Pretty same here, face cream for anti ageing and eye cream to tighten up my old eyes in the morning. I spend about £40 on the former and as the eye cream lasts I generally get it as a present so not bought any for a while. If you are UK then Boots Number 7 range is great for money

As for makeup I like a nice CC cream to cover skin defects, eye liner, mascara and shadow to liven up the eyes. Lip liner and stick. Sounds a lot but it done lightly, no gaudy colours.

Jessica xx

That’s a very good question.

I would say it depends on your taste and how you would you like to appear. 
If you are a beginner in apply makeup so it’s maybe best to start with something simple like Mascara or Blush.
Train your self to use mascara and you will notice it can gives a nice feminine touch, or/and use it in combination with a Blush.
You also can use some lipgloss with that or if you like to give you a bit more color use a lipstick instead of lipgloss.
Some ladies like eyeliner, with or without eyeshadow, it really really depends on what you like most. Everything is possible but nothing is a must.
Perhaps it is a option for you to visit a makeup store and have a chat with one of the employees there. They can be so helpful and sometimes they do also show you how to use the products directly in your face…

By the way, the secret of every nice makeup is: practice, practice, practice and practice.


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