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is eating less the best way to reduce belly fats?


In my most honest and humble opinion, I am proud of the shape of my hands and legs, they don't look like fatty, but my biggest problem is my belly, it's big like a 6-month pregnancy, I really hate it, the problem actually started in my teens, at that time I always had good appetite and I normally had 6-8 bowls of rice/pasta which were excessive in carbohydrates I believe, and now in my 30s, I am obviously eating much less now, I still have good appetite though. I believe that I am still eating more than I burn every day.
I run half an hour a day or walk 1 hour a day. However, I have no plan for my diet.

Is eating less a more important factor in reducing my belly fat rather than daily exercising without control in diet?

Maid Marion:
Yes, most folks can't exercise enough to get rid of  belly fat unless they also eat less.
I handle this by cooking single portions of food.  I'll buy a steak and cut it up into smaller single portion servings.

I don't eat diet stuff.  I cook with butter and sugar.

I see the doctor often for routine lab testing.

I get the digital eye scans at Lenscrafters.  I mentioned that my blood sugar was high but the A1C test was just fine.
The optometrist took the opportunity to talk about that issue and had one of the scans redone so we would have good scans to look at.


For everyone who is satisfied with their shape except for one little area, there is always liposuction to reduce that area. While diet and exercise are most important for many reasons, sometimes genetics and past bad habits gets in the way of our self image becoming reality.

I have had liposuction on my tummy area twice. The results are satisfactory, considering that everyone else in my family was hugly overweight. Liposuction is not a way to lose weight. It is a way to get rid of stubborn areas that seem to resist diet and exercise.

You have to balance your diet, you don't have to get rid of everything you like, however limit sugar


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