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Girls, what kind of wigs are you using?  Currently I have a front lace wig glued by makeup artist, and it sits well after two nights sleeping. I hope I will be able to glue it myself letter.

Heather N:
my first and only wig to this point is a Vivica A. Fox wig. I have a big 'ole noggin (24") and it fits me! I realize there are much better wigs out there but for the price (under $100 usually) and the fit for larger heads, it's pretty good.

I would welcome advice on where to get wigs that could fit a larger head. I just got mine from Amazon search "stretch cap wigs"

Ah wigs. Well, I have to admit I've become something of a a wacky wig hobbyist over the years, so I can tell you a few things, though I'm hardly an expert. As you might have noticed wig prices can range from a few dollars to thousands.

I've never tried sleeping with a glued wig on before as you did, Gunta. I've got some wig adhesive and remover around, but I've not tested it yet. I have used wig tape, which I did find pretty uncomfortable to remove. I do love the look of well applied glued lace front, but I'll probably only used it for the occasional outing. I'm developing an increased appreciation of bangs.

While I have some synthetics I really prefer remy human hair wigs for general look and feel. Synthetics seem to look better in darker shades. As for dealers, I would love to try one of the high end human hair wigs sold by Milano Collection (, but their prices have fended me thus far. Bargain hunter I am, I've found some good (and not so good) things being sold on eBay. There are some fine sellers there and I like that you can easily check their reputation with buyers.

If you do an image search for wigs online you'll see a lot of ads from discount wig sellers that use various celebrity's photos (no doubt without permission). After avoiding those for years, I became curious and looked into all of them selling to the US. The sites are based in China are so similar they may all be run by the same outfit. However, they advertise remy human hair wigs for the lowest prices I've ever seen.

Just to test I ordered two wigs from different sites. The first was based on a look by Jennifer Aniston-- human hair, about 20" long, mono top, silicon strip "laceless" front, and closed wefted sides/back. I was amazed at the quality of this wig. It cost me about $170 with shipping and similar wigs easily sell for $500-$1500 from domestic dealers I've seen.

My second purchase from one of these was less agreeable. It was a different site ("Howigs"), though the site looks almost the same as the other. This was a shorter HH wig priced at $118 with shipping. What I received bore practically no resemblance to the online description and not in a good way. It was a human hair wig, but only had a narrow mono part on top and no lace front at all, just an obvious seam. After repeated inquiries it became apparent that these guys don't do returns at all. Lesson learned.

That all said, I'll probably order from one of these dealers again simply because of the high quality of the merchandise. You just have to know that the item title is probably the only accurate info on the wig. The paragraphs of text on the description page are usually a carbon copy of each other and likely bogus.

@Lyric do you think the dealer you had good luck with would come through a second time, or do you feel like it was just the luck of the draw?

My smartphone thinks it's smarter than me. It's probably right.


--- Quote from: RandiL on October 30, 2021, 02:32:20 pm ---@Lyric do you think the dealer you had good luck with would come through a second time, or do you feel like it was just the luck of the draw?
--- End quote ---

It's kind of difficult to say after a sampling of only two orders, I have theories. After studying the online catalogs of several of these Chinese wig sellers I've deduced that 1) the paragraphs of descriptions in the ads are useless, 2) the title offers about all the accurate info on the wig and 3) their price may be the best clue about the wig they will ship. I suspect the better quality wigs tend to be those with higher prices, even though all the descriptions may say "remy human hair", "mono top" and "lace front". So I would steer clear of their wigs priced under $100, but my $170 expenditure for the Kimwigs' "Remy Lace Front Blonde Straight Layered Jennifer Aniston Wig" was a winner. But their highest price wigs are under $400 for products I'd say are comparable to those at two or three times that price from conventional wig dealers.

I'll probably try one again in a few months and I'll try to make a reply on this thread after I do.


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