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For some transgender students, return to school brings anxiety over bathrooms


For some transgender students, a return to school brings back anxiety over bathroom access

Inlander by Wilson Criscione on October 21, 2021

Each day this past spring, Jack, a transgender seventh-grader, would arrive at Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane knowing it would be at least six hours before he could use the bathroom again.

Using the girl's bathroom was a betrayal of his gender identity. A transgender boy using the boy's bathroom wasn't allowed, he says. And while Sacajawea has a gender-neutral bathroom, as required by law, Jack would have had to go to the nurse's office, ask for a key, and then be escorted to the bathroom every time he wanted to use it.

So Jack, who asked to use a fake name for his own privacy, avoided going to the bathroom at all. He wouldn't drink water, and if he felt like he had to go, he'd just hold it in.


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