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A female entrepreneur’s story



“Corporate Transition”

When presenting as a man, this “tech bro” entrepreneur was the toast of Silicon Valley—until she stepped into boardrooms as a woman.

Elle magazine, 10/14/2021, by Stephanie Clifford.

“…When Egan began transitioning at 38, and started a second business as a woman, she was in for a rude awakening. Despite her years of experience, once she transitioned, Egan says investors didn’t take her seriously; men talked over her, and she struggled, sometimes literally, to find space at the table. “I remember being in shock, and thinking, ‘Oh, this is what women have been talking about the whole time,’” she says.”

Two stories of transgender CEOs.

1.  A transgender CEO on coming out at age 49: ‘The biggest transphobia’ was ‘my own’
Published Sun, Jan 30 20229:00 AM EST
Jade Scipioni, CNBC

2.  CEO Wynne Nowland on coming out as transgender: ‘I’m much more at peace with myself’
Published Tue, Mar 23 20219:42 AM EDTUpdated Thu, May 20 20216:27 PM EDT
Jade Scipioni, CNBC


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