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Dr. Ting VS. Dr. Bluebond-Langner and Dr. Zhao

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Mindy More:
So I was hoping to hear what are some experiences with these doctors....

I had my consultation with Dr. Bluebond-Langner + Dr. Zhao earlier this month, and have confirmed a surgery date with them for 2023. I have another consultation coming next month with Dr Ting which I'm preparing to cancel.  From what I've read the procedures are comparable? Have I made a miscalculation somewhere in my choices?

Also for the record, 32 months wait between the consultation booking to the actual surgery date)...they busy.

They are busy because the type of GCS they do (peritoneal pull through vaginalplasty) is considered the best way to construct a neo vagina.

You already have a scheduled appointment with Dr Ting. If it is not to inconvienent, just make the appointment. Dr Ting might tell you something new.

All three surgeons are well respected.

Mindy More:
So Ting and Bluebond-Langner/Zhao both do the same pull through technique?


--- Quote from: Mindy More on October 25, 2021, 08:05:54 pm ---So Ting and Bluebond-Langner/Zhao both do the same pull through technique?

--- End quote ---

That's not my understanding, however my most recent data is a couple years ago, so it may have changed.

As of then, if I understood correctly, Ting, sometimes working in collaboration with Marci Bowers was using peritoneal tissue taken from the scrotum.

Fwiw Dr Wittenberg in SF performs pptv. I think as highly of her as rbl, they're both amazing.

I had PPPT surgery with Bluebond/Zhao earlier this year and have a long thread on it in the GCS section of Susan’s. Tl;dr I had a very positive outcome and working with the NYU-Langone team was great. The only thing I could complain about was the hospital food.

I went with Bluebond because I think she’s getting the most consistently good outcomes at this point. I chose Bluebond over Ting because Ting didn’t get quite as consistently good reviews. He’s also a bit cocky (not unusual for surgeons), whereas Bluebond and Zhao project quiet confidence. I also am a big fan of the plastic surgeon / urologist team approach…it really reduces the time under anesthesia and that helps with recovery. 

I would also do a consultation with Avenessian at Mt Sinai. I think she has enough experience at this point, it doesn’t seem like her results are any worse than Ting’s, and she has better bedside manner than Ting. But I would still choose Bluebond/Zhao over either of those two.


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