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Anyone taking "One A Day Womens" multivitamins?

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Angélique LaCava:
If so, did it affect your transition negatively?

Not multi but Vit D to help my nails and fish oil for my joints (and brain!!)

Sometimes I just taking a regular standard multi vitamin, not explicit for woman. Just an regular standard.
I never had the idea it could show a negative effect and I also never noticed negativity.
So, what do you think exactly could taking place?

Women's vitamins contain higher levels of iron to replace the iron lost in the blood during menstruation. As MTF people don't lose that blood with every cycle, the iron can start to build up to dangerous levels in your blood. It's best to check with your doctor.

Oh yes there can be iron in it, even a higher amount. Sometimes people can get digestion issues from that.
Talking to you Doc is the right thing to keep it safe…


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