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Anyone taking "One A Day Womens" multivitamins?

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Harley Quinn:

--- Quote from: BritneyX on November 11, 2021, 12:36:38 am ---Thanks Harley Quinn.  If ya need a shot of iron, Asparagus is the way to go.  I can smell it in my urine 10-15 minutes after consuming it.  The VA has me on Finasteride and Spironolactone for blockers and oral Estradiol for estrogen.  My PCP, who was Transgender herself, prescribed me the Minoxidil.  My nails are getting stronger with my vitamin regimen.  I also changed my hair ties to the larger scrunchies and the cloth hair bands to cut down on pulling when exercising or working on something.  The DHT is being persnickety, for sure.  I also have a hydration problem. In the Navy, I trained myself to regularly run, not jog, 10 plus miles in the most oppressive heat without any liquids.  Base Security used to bark at me for breaking Black Flag Regs (too hot for outdoor exercise).  I would tell them that I am a Texan and this ain't hot.  They learned to leave me be. Unfortunately, I drink almost no liquids all day.  When I drank water, especially if it is not warm, I would get bad heartburn.  My Mom says that she has always had that problem too. As such, my blood is thick, my skin dry, hair dry/brittle, eyes and nasal passages chronically dry.  Part of my Disability is that I forget things that have subconscious triggers, like being thirsty.   I have found myself "forgetting" to breath a few times.  Guess I am just being lazy.  haha  I am looking into progesterone to be added to my HRT.  I am just in a transition between VA Hospital Regions at the moment.  Not something that gets done quickly or efficiently.   Being that the VA already killed me once (quite literally), I ain't in no rush to push the system any faster than it decides to go. 

Pretty kitty you got there, by the way.  Is it yours?  Sister, have a safe and memorable Veteran's Day..well uh, today!

--- End quote ---
Have a wonderful Veteran's Day as well.  Sadly no, it's not my kitty.  A friend of mine sent me that picture because she said it reminded her of me.  lol...  I think its my signature bandana hair tie that does it.

She is a lovely kitty.

Thanks for the well wishes. Hope your day was rememberable, as well.


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