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Insanely jealous of cis girls

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--- Quote from: Marieh on November 12, 2021, 05:45:56 pm ---
It doesn't  matter how you look. It's all  about who  you are.

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That’s exactly it! That’s my perspective too - though I try to look my best as often as I can

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Stevie Stevens:
I know that by the time I was 12 I was already envious of my older sister. I was a sissy as well. As I went through junior and senior high schools I envied all the pretty girls. My sister was one of those pretty and popular girls. I also envied those girls for the attention they got from the cute boys. Fast forward: I am transgender and still envious of pretty women.

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I had bad envy of beautiful woman. In I think 2017 I joined a hall and participated in learning activities and events. People are naked at events. The hall was 98% female. I saw a lot of naked woman and I soon realized there are some very beautiful woman and woman all over the spectrum of beauty.

I go to play parties where there are mostly men but also woman. There are woman that are all over the spectrum of beauty. Some guys are really into chubby woman. I am thin and have long legs. I have received compliments about my face, smile( often), legs (long) and vagina. I have had woman that said to me on several occasions they wish theirs looked like mine.

I go to a Korean Spa. There are a lot of beautiful woman in the woman's spa. This Saturday there were two I remember that were close and they had a lot of tattoo's and were Korean. They were beautiful but I remember the tattoos.

I have seen so many woman's boobs and vaginas over the past 5 years. I am not envious of them. I fit somewhere in there as far as beauty. I have become very comfortable with my body nude. My boobs are fine and I use to abscess on there size. My vagina looks very good. My legs are longer than my torso by a few inches so I am told by other woman to show them off ( wear tights and leggings and a skit).

Will I be 18 tall, thin and beautiful, no. I am tall and thin.

Rachel Lynn


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