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Hi y'all,

I am 31 years old, living in The Netherlands and started transitioning a year ago (mtf).

Currently I'm having a hard time of finding a GP that would describe me hormones so everything is still pre-HRT which means I get a lot of gender dysphoria as of late and I'm just aching to start with hormones. Gender clinics waiting time here are more than 2 years and that is just crazy. Currently trying to find a solution in the meantime. Also not having a queer community or friend group (including transgender individuals) is making me feel quite lonely as of late.

Via the below link you can find some pictures of me. Do you think I look feminine/female or is it masculine? Do you still think that the hormones will have a significant effect on my face? How do you all deal with dypshoria?


Hi Nile,
You look great, very feminine. Holland and Germany are in very similar situation when it comes to transitioning.  I've been looking for a therapist for over 6 months and anyone who is focusing on dysphoria is booked up to two years. Without psychiatric/therapist approval, there is no chance of getting hrt let alone surgeries. I started doing whatever is possible - hair removal and slowly doing social transition. I also know no other trans people, even though Hamburg must be full of them. There are done self help groups that you can find on Facebook and just getting out to meet people alike might do you good.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Nile:
    In regard to your picture that you posted on Imgur, I think that you look absolutely terrific and very feminine with your hair and the appearance of your face....  I can not imagine that you would have many problems with passing visually... of course there is more to passing than just a picture.  Be sure to look at and read many of our members postings and topics around the Forums... good information that may be of interest to you.

    Gender Dysphoria and Passing are what many transitioners experience so you are not alone with how you feel about yourself.   As you read the many topics and postings here on the Forums you will find the stories of other members here that have dealt with these issues.

    Thank you for writing your first posting telling everyone here some things about yourself.

    This is the right place for you to be to find out what others have done regarding your transition journey that may have been in your circumstances and with your questions and concerns.
    There are a lot of members here that will be able to identify with your situation as you continue to feel free to share it.
    Please allow me to warmly WELCOME you to Susan's Place. 
You will find this a safe and friendly place to share with others and to read about others similar trials, tribulations, and successes.

    You can share with others and involve yourself with some give and take with other like-minded members.  When frustrated or if you have successes you can share it here if you wish and receive support from others and offer support to others. ....
     ***It's a very good chance that you might find that you will make some new friends here. 

    Please come in and continue to be involved at your own pace.
I have included information about the site that will help you navigate around and best utilize the features here.   
Please look closely at the LINKS in RED, answers are there to many questions that new members ask.

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place.

Here are some links to the site rules and stuff that all new members should be familiar with:

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Nile:

OH, another thing....  Please feel free to stop by the Introductions Forum to very briefly tell more members a little about yourself and to let them know of your arrival on the Forums!
With more exposure to more members here you will be able to get more responses to your questions and concerns.

Wishing your well as you continue to be involved in the forums.

NOTE: Now, after all of this Greeting and Welcoming stuff, I will give you and others the thread back so that the conversation can continue.

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place.

Hi Nile,

You look like an actual CIS female to me! <hugs>


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