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Girl in the Woods


Ok, not so much about the show, it's Ok I guess. It's the character Nolan played by Misha Osherovich. OMG  .. I was having brain spasms.  I am binary, I struggle when I encounter nonbinary. My brain so wants to compartmentalize that it really throws me. Sure, logically, I know the whole spectrum and fully accept that but my poor brain.   :icon_weirdface:

my head kept going (generalized terms) .. boy .. girl .. neither .. both ... ARRGGHH!!!  It was awesome. ;D

I love being able to confront & challenge my own learned perceptions/preconceptions, how else do we overcome.

yeah .. that's it, just had to express.

I had a different source that broadened my horizons. But meeting that challenge was indeed awesome. :)

I have trouble understanding non-binary as well; might hafta give this a watch at some point! 😁


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