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Zan bill: Italy’s senate blocks anti-homophobia law


Northern Star Girl:
             Zan bill: Italy’s senate blocks anti-homophobia law
      The Local - Italy's News in English
      27 October 2021  16:15 CEST

(excepts quoted below, see entire article for more, click the Link)
"The Italian Senate on Wednesday voted down a proposed law against homophobia which faced vehement opposition from right-wing parties and the Vatican.

The law, known as the ‘ddl Zan’, sought to punish acts of discrimination and incitement to violence against gay, lesbian, transgender and disabled people.

It was proposed in May 2018 by Alessandro Zan, a member of parliament from the centre-left Democratic Party, in response to what he called an “exponential rise in the number and seriousness of acts of violence towards gay and transgender people”."

Not much to add.
Homo-transfobic acts are a fact in Italy, even though I still feel quite safe going around as a visible transgender person and  I didn't have any personal trouble so far.

In brief: the law was meant to extend to sex orientation and gender identity related violence (or discrimination)  the same protection which is already granted for same facts linked to racial or ethnic reasons.

Quite fair and obvious, isn't it?

Now, six months shall pass before discussion for a new law on the same subject can be initiated.  Which means that, all going well,  we shall wait for a few years before we can have this law in place.


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