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I'm hopefully starting testogel in december and i want to know other people's experience of it? is it slow? when should I expect first changes? what ARE the first changes? I'm 16 and with gendergp for what it's worth

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Marvinamood:
I do not have any pertinent answers for you regarding testogel....
... however, the good news is that you have posted your question in the most
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Dear Marvinamood
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--- Quote from: marvinamood on October 27, 2021, 04:46:31 pm ---I'm hopefully starting testogel in december and i want to know other people's experience of it? is it slow? when should I expect first changes? what ARE the first changes? I'm 16 and with gendergp for what it's worth

--- End quote ---

How's it going Marv,

You can expect all changes from any hormone treatment to be extremely slow. Not too many of us want to hear this, but it is true no matter if you are FTM or MTF.

Just like any adolesent young man, the first thing to expect is facial hair growth. It will be sparse at first, but slowly increase after a few years and continue to keep getting more dense the longer you are on Testosterone. Also, expect upper body muscle development during this time. Again, it will be extremely slow, but you can help things along with manual labor or working out at a gym. Physical labor also helps young men deal with the increase in their aggressive nature. Sometimes young men can get a bit over confident and do things that are dangerous.

So be careful and think before you act.

While other people may have a different opinions, all I can say is, "Been there and done that." I am forever grateful that I did not kill myself doing stupid things or getting in trouble with the law.

Take care.  :-*


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