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Keeping in the family.

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--- Quote from: Faith on October 29, 2021, 05:55:55 am ---Try not to impose your idea of what is the 'right way' onto them, or enforce anyone else's idea. They are their own person, they have to learn what is right for them. Safety concerns, yes, but as long as they are happy with their expression then let them.  If they are being 'coerced' into something they are not, it will come to light.  If you try to force one way or another you may find that you are pushing into the exact scenario you want to help them avoid.

Relax, let them know you are safe to talk to, listen, communicate without judgment.

As for being a 'stereotype' Well, stereotypes exist for a reason. They'll find their own way to express, I know I did. I started out a bit too strong and then eased into my own. I'm sure they will as well.

--- End quote ---

Makes sense and I said to my mom I fully respect them. In their choice, I hope time they find what works and there happy. I guess im just in some way a little jealous. At their openness yet im just a little worried that it left me in a mental closet a little. Thank you for you advise as I need to sort my thoughts out an not, come off wrong.

As Rakel stated, don't try to label yourself. Labels are simply a comfort thing to say "Oh, here's where I fit" when the truth is, no one fits .. we are each individuals. So, rather than a comfort 'label' simply look to what makes you comfortable with yourself.

Maid Marion:
You may benefit from talking with a therapist as "what your family thinks" is an issue.


--- Quote from: Maid Marion on October 29, 2021, 11:23:25 am ---You may benefit from talking with a therapist as "what your family thinks" is an issue.

--- End quote ---

I leave things as they are at the moment, so let them sort things out with their dad as there a lot I don't as I haven't seen them in while so. I just observe and support them.


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