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Amsterdam VUMC shape correction of SRS with Dr Ozer - Trans woman


Hi :)
I am Olivia from The Netherlands ( almost 3 years here totally). I'm trans woman.
I just found this website and happy for this.
I've done my SRS more than 5 years ago ( not in NL )  and not happy with the shape and doctor agree that need to be corrected. I will have shape correction surgery with Dr Mujde Ozer from VUMC / Amsterdam . I also wonder is there anyone done shape correction surgery or first surgery with same doctor and happy with the result? How was your experience? and Is there any website to see results? Because I didn't see any result of corrections. Of course I know that each person is different. But I wonder about the difference. I hope that someone can share own experience...  :icon_help:
Thank you

Susan's Place does not post pictures of any genitals. We cannot help you there.

However, many surgeons have their own private picture files. Some are on line and others are not. When you consult with your chosen surgeon, ask to see their pictures of their work. Also, given your own situation, ask what can the surgeon do for you.


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